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ELANTAS PDG, Inc. Announces ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation has Been Approved for Use in Printed Electronic Applications

ELANTAS PDG, Inc. (EPDG) is pleased to announce the IPC Standards Development Flexible Circuits Material Committee has approved the use of ELAN-Film® HT-180 insulation as a coverlay and substrate in electronic applications. Approval was granted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 during the IPC committee meeting held in conjunction with the SMTA conference.

“We are especially excited to now be able to offer this innovative flexible insulation material to Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) manufacturers and serve as a new supplier to this market,” said Marc Barmeier, Business Development Manager – Emerging Technologies. “Our R&D Team did an outstanding job in preparing the test data to validate that ELAN-Film® insulation meets IPC Specification 4202.”    

      ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation The NEW Flexible Insulation Material of Choice for Motors, Motor Repair and Transformers ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation is the advanced flexible insulation that changed the dynamics of solid electrical insulation options. HT-180 is a flexible, triple layer of solid insulation consisting of two layers of industry-proven Tritherm® wire enamel and a single layer of PET film. This year ELANTAS PDG, Inc. was honored with the coveted ALTANA Innovation Award for the introduction of ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation, a true recognition of its innovative concept and its economic / ecological benefits for our customers. • Holds up to tough bends • No drying required • Less clean-up • Outstanding adhesion


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